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photoshoot guide

My name is paola salviano

Hello, thank you for checking my photoshoot guide! In this folder, there are details about this amazing gift you are giving to yourself: beautiful memories of your better side.

 I’m Paola, an experienced photographer with a passion for capturing the beauty of dark skin, mix-raced and ethnically diverse people. My mission is to empower people and create a safe space for self-expression through photography. I specialize in lightning, fashion and beauty photography and strive to provide each of my clients with a unique and fulfilling experience.

I believe that everyone deserves to have their beauty showcased and celebrated!

 I'm excited to have the opportunity to share this time with you.






The first step is, of course, getting in touch!  You can send me an email to


Now we are in touch and already have an idea of what you want and need. At this moment I will offer you a package via an offer and when we are set and signed your date is secured!


It's time to organise the ideas and shoot aesthetics. It's possible that you already worked on a moldboard yourself before and we will fine-tune it. 


That's the crucial step for a successful photoshoot! Whether you have a specialist on board, with my help or by yourself, that's the deal breaker to have your wished pictures perfect.



It's our session day and depending on your mood board and package we might have a team with us and that's a lot of fun.



After our shoot, you will receive a gallery with my broad selection of pictures. You are going to pick your favourites to be finely edited.

It takes around 2 or 3 weeks for the final delivery depending on how many pictures you pick.


Provide a general description of the items below and introduce the services you offer. Click on the text box to edit the content.

paola salviano-6.jpg

make up and hair

I work together with a couple of MUAH's. They vary in style and background and have extensive expertise in diverse skin tones and hair. 

Depending on your mood board and date I will present you with trustful options 



So you want to go to the next level in your shoot?

I can connect you to a stylist who can help you from a simple moldboard to bringing full outfits/looks to the set.

Are you interested in this extra service? 

Make sure you request that

cecilia venice story-5.jpg


We are living in a digital era, but sometimes we still want to touch and connect to the pictures as in the old times. 

From table blocks, and reveal boxes of portraits to albums I can design and order from the best handmade high-quality vendors.

mood board

The first step after our connection is to decide which package serves you the best and personalise it if needed.

Then we start working on the mood board. That's one of the most important steps of a successful photoshoot. It sets your expectations and helps me to align and guarantee you the best choices regarding your wishes.

On the left you can see an example of a mood board I prepared to start the planning of a shoot.


Then comes another really important phase: styling. Styling is one of the most important elements as it sets the mood and gives the shoot. If your shoot is for professional purposes or lifestyle, day-by-day clothes can be combined to create the look you need.

I can give you some basic tips from my experience behind and in front of the cameras when it comes to colouring and matching. 

But if you are looking for glam, couture, thematic, surreal or a special gown, I can help you to find your dream outfit and also lease with a stylist to bring it even to another level. 

The options are to fix it yourself, there are several rental companies who send you dresses but I can also take care of that for you and bring it ready for the shoot. 

Cópia de 221105_Courtney_raws-1.jpg


The sessions can take place at my studio in the North of Amsterdam or at a location of your choice. I can fix the light no matter where we are so you can have the experience the way you dreamt about. I can also help with the scouting once I've been photographing in several places in the Netherlands and even abroad. If you'd like to have your pictures taken abroad is no problem. I have extensive experience in travelling and photographing in different countries.





Mood board

Styling consultancy

6,5 hours session

15 full edited pictures

food and drinks

Make up and Hair

up to 3 changes

up to 4 looks

Gift: high quality print 40 x 50

1000, - excl BTW



Mood board

4 hours session

10 full edited pictures

snacks and drinks

Make up and Hair

1 change

2 looks

Gift: high quality print 20 x 30

700, -  excl BTW



Mood board

2 hours session

5 full edited pictures


1 look

400, - excl BTW





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